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Message from the President

Contributing to beautification of environments in a wide range of fields

In this day and age, there is increasing demand for the creation of beautiful, clean and comfortable environments. Takahara Corporation contributes to the beautification of environments in a wide range of fields through our building maintenance services and the provision of environmental sanitization equipment. Our slogan is “Be Beautiful Ambience…” A major theme of our endeavors is keeping all kinds of buildings and building stock—from office buildings, plants and stores to general residences—clean, comfortable and efficient long term. For that reason, we not only provide environmental sanitation maintenance and management services for buildings but also seek to revitalize them with technology and sanitization services that improve the value of the stock itself and make living spaces more comfortable.

Joji Takahara
four services that create"beautiful.comfortable environments"
Takahara Corporation offers four services that create “beautiful, comfortable environments.”

Certified business under Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise New Business Activity Promotion Law

Multi-purpose super durable film & sheets

  • ■Manufacture and sale of protective laminator film
  • ■Manufacture of inkjet image film
  • ■Manufacture and sale of highly functional hard film
  • ■Manufacture and sale of super durability hard coatings

Manufacture, processing and sale of environmental materials

  • ■Manufacture, processing and sale of photocatalytic products
  • ■Manufacture and sale of special UV hardening coatings

Manufacture and sale of carpet maintenance materials and equipment

  • ■Manufacture and sale of cleaning materials and equipment(PAT2990344)
  • ■Sale of carpet re-dyeing system(PAT2101437)
  • ■Carpet cleaners school

General building cleaning services

  • ■Building cleaning/management
  • ■Hakuyosha House Cleaning designated service provider
  • ■Okamura Office Cleaning designated service provider
  • ■General renovation services
  • ■Sale of interior decorations and materials

corporate profile

Headquarter Takahara Corporation
Representative Joji Takahara