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certified busuness under Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise New Business Activity Promotion Law
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Inspiring New Ideas: Ultra-durable Film!

This eco-friendly and ultra-durable material consists of a PET base material with our proprietary ultra-durable coating (developed in-house), and a re-usable adhesive backing. The film is not just strong. We have added other advanced features as well, and you can affix the film to almost any surface to make it cleaner, more attractive, and more durable. There are many applications; it is a material that can open possibilities and create new markets for your company.


This video provides information on Takahara Corporation’s bBa! film. Certified under the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise New Business Activity Promotion Law! Multi-purpose! Super durable! Stain resistant! Scratch resistant! No glue residue when removed! Antibacterial protection! With your ideas, the possibilities of this material are limitless.

Super Hard Coating

super hard coating image

Structure of the Ultra-durable Film

Adhesive Mirror


Our high-quality aluminum vapor deposition technology and special coating technology achieve a safety mirror that can be pasted almost anywhere.

  • ●Use in bathrooms and toilets of hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.
  • ●Use as a display material in shops and sports facilities.
  • ●Use on furniture or small items such as cell phones and notebooks.

All kind of applications as a building material or subsidiary material

  • ●Use bBa! on floors, walls, stairs, tables, shelves, mats, daily goods, and more, in such places as hospitals, factories, public facilities, large stores, sports & leisure facilities, supermarkets, restaurants, and amusement facilities.
  • ●Use as floor signs in public transport facilities.
  • ●Use on entrance mats in stores and facilities.
  • ●Ink-jet printable for use in new advertising media

Floor film for factories (cleanrooms)

Floor film for shops

Film for furniture

Floor film in toilets