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Our Sunlight Photocatalytic Coating is a new environmental purification technology that utilizes photocatalysis to keep objects and environments clean. It can be used on various things, including everyday items. Focusing on reactions and properties that are triggered by photocatalytic light like chlorophyll-catalyzed plant photosynthesis, Takahara Corporation developed

this new photocatalytic technology.


Shuts out bacteria with powerful antibacterial properties! Use it to prevent food poisoning and mold at food processing plants, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions.

Breaks down dirt and grime on walls thanks to a self-cleaning effect.

Breaks down unpleasant odors.

Breaks down toxic gases and other causes of sick building syndrome. Also improves water quality.


interior coating

Compound photocatalytic coating for interior titanium dioxide surfaces covered in Hydroxyapatite or silver to quickly bring out photocatalytic function. It has excellent antibacterial and odor eliminating properties to keep spaces clean.


Inside police cars: Coating for fabric surfaces like the inside of doors, seats and ceilings.


School gymnasiums: Odor elimination and volatile organic compound (VOC) removal.

exterior coating

Amorphous titanium peroxide is used as binder and block material. Its major characteristics are that it has strong adhesiveness, is amorphous and completely inorganic and does not break down organic material like substrates. The powerful oxidizing effect breaks down impurities, and the self-cleaning effect activated by rain keeps the building from becoming dirty.


Nagoya University Hospital: After coating, rain washes away the dirt, keeping the building clean.

Nagaoka fire department

Nagaoka Fire Department: Serves as part of environmental purification measures as a public building.


Hideki Matsui Baseball Museum: Keeps it looking beautiful and reduces maintenance costs.


Statue of Buddha at Daiyu-in: Eliminates hassle of daily cleaning and keeps the precious statue majestic and beautiful.